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Our beer is unfiltered, unpasteurized & uncompromised. “Unfiltered” means we leave WAY more flavour in the beer, BUT it makes our beer perishable, so it must be refrigerated and consumed when it’s FRESH.


The only reason why beer is filtered is to either remove brewing mistakes, to clarify the beer for aesthetic purposes, or to increase the shelf life of the beer (you may notice none of these reasons are “to increase flavour”). Most bottled and canned beers are filtered, and almost all “domestic” mass-produced brand name beers are pasteurized too, so they have longer shelf lives and can be shipped great distances to make more, more, more money. Most of this beer does not end up in a consumer’s hands until long after it was brewed. During this time, the bottles/cans are shaken, heated, cooled, shaken, heated, cooled, etc. In other words… abused … and you can taste it! Canned and bottled beers always have a little bit of empty space at the top, which always will have at least a little bit of oxygen in it. Oxidation ruins everything, including beer. Bottled beer goes stale especially fast because “light pollution” can pass through the glass and “skunk” it. For example, that taste in green-bottle European beers that many people think is the flavour of “European hops”, is actually the taste of hop oxidation due to light pollution (hops go “skunky” when oxidized, just like its closest plant family relative: cannabis).

Fresh & Unfiltered

Unfiltered beer is perishable and must be kept refrigerated, so it never experiences temperature-change abuse. If its draught, it is kept in stainless steel kegs, so light pollution is never an issue. It has a limited shelf life, just like all real food with any hope of nutritional value, so it must be consumed shortly after being brewed, while it is still FRESH.

Real food goes bad. Processed cheese, fast food fries, and margarine don’t go bad… are they real foods? Mass-produced brand-name beers may develop a “skunky” taste after a few months, but it doesn’t go bad or spoil, whether its on the shelf in a liquor store or in your garage. Is it real beer?

Reusing vs Recycling

Because our draught beer is unfiltered, all of the flavour and nutrition from the high quality ingredients that we buy stay in the beer. And when it comes to the environment, draught beer uses re-usable kegs. Not recycled. RE-USED! This means the kegs don’t need to be driven all over the country side to recycling plants to be melted by big energy-consuming smelters and moulded into another piece of junk. Our civilization will be known to future civilizations by the countless number of bottle and can artefacts they dig up from the ground. The most common piece of garbage found while adventuring through the woods is beer cans. Kegs and growlers (“growler” = refillable jug) promote re-use, rather than re-make-more-crap.

In Conclusion …

Why not go out for a pint?! Sit around and talk about the day with friends, or cheers to health with a stranger! Put down the cell phone, leave your computer and cans of cheap beer, and socialize face-to-face with real-life humans and real beer at a local business! It’s just better.