The Beer Department

Tabloid Factoids

As you sip through the selections in this delectable digest, you’ll ingest the following contents:

  • Brews News: … info on Beer Department exclusives, like special deals or events. Plus,
    general Beer Shop & Social news updates.
  • Member of the Month : … we appreciate all of our members, so each month we’ll take time to acknowledge an exemplary citizen from our Beer Shop & Social society.
  • Ale Roster : … what’s brewing these days?! “Senior Brews” are our regular mainstays, overseeing the recruitment of “Rookie Ales”, which are new brews seasonally enrolled in the line-up.
  • Scheduled Fire Drills : … dates for upcoming events and happenings, so you’re ready to
    rally when there’s a call to arms.
  • New Gear : … updates on upgrades in the Beer Shop’s merchandise locker.
  • Community Events : … the Beer Department is just a piece in the public puzzle, fitting in with a plethora of other fun and games in the big picture.
  • Craft Beer Revolutionaries : … interviews with members of the brewing industry, leaders in the Craft Beer Revolution, as part of the Support Local and Slow Food global movements.
  • CAMRA South Okanagan : … the local chapter of the Campaign For Real Ales is an active membership of beer lovers, lots to report on in the regional scene.
  • Dad Joke of the Month : … just because!
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